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  • Image of Wear Earth Tones
  • Image of Wear Earth Tones
  • Image of Wear Earth Tones

Wear Earth Tones


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8" x 8" x 0.625"
Model: Lilly of Apifera

These are made with Maple Veneer with a low gloss Clear Matte coating and they have pre-drilled keyholes on the back that make them ready to hang. The wood may exhibit hairline cracks or get tiny cracks in the wood after imprinting which gives these a real vintage feel. The colors on the actual are slightly more muted than you see on screen, again giving these a vintage look. The panels are very well made and sturdy. There is no need for framing.

You can also take a damp cloth and dust if needed. Very scratch resistant.

I created these with the idea they look wonderful in groupings of three or more. If you want to order a grouping of 3 or more, select the option in the drop down menu, and then make sure you tell me which specific animal prints you want. Any questions