When you purchase items on this shop, 10% net is donated from Katherine Dunn into her non profit. Please note your purchase here is not tax deductible. If you want to make a tax deductible contribution to Apiera Farm, you can visit this blog page.

Katherine Dunn is an artist/writer who works from her Apifera Farm, floating somewhere off the mid coast of Maine.

She began her career in 1996 as an illustrator in her homeland of Minneapolis where she worked with national corporations and magazines.

But it was when she moved to Oregon in 2002, and then to her farm Apifera that art and writing began to merge with her animals and farm. The farm takes in elder/special needs animals and each of them provides both story and lessons through Katherine's books and art. Much of her work is laced with lessons of grief and aging, nature as teacher and the knowledge that we are all connected.

Once in Maine, Apifera became a non profit so Katherine could continue taking in the needy old animals, but she then sealed their mission by sharing the animals with elder people. The animals visit homes but the elders also come to the farm.

Katherine has written and illustrated five books with more in the works. Her paintings are showcased on Sundance. And she loves to create creatures from fabric and scrap. She is also getting involved in fabrics and applying her art to other products.