Image of Goose & Llama Forever

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Goose & Llama Forever


An archive print. Image is 14 x 14" " and sits on white fine art paper with a 1" border around entire image. Signed at bottom of image. {Note, the original has sold}
TIMELINE: 2-3 week turnaround

I have been working with a fine art archival printer to pull my prints. These are quality checked by me. When you pay for a print here, the print first comes to me and I quality check it and sign it, then ship to you.

If you follow Apifera, you are well aware of the friendship of the Goose and Birdie the llama. It did not end as we wanted and many of us, myself at the top of the list, are still crushed by the loss of Birdie. i did this piece before her death, when we really felt we were beating it. When I look at this piece now, I realize I created what I want her life to be like now-walking/floating with her goose spirit with her. We talk to her every day.