Image of Original: End of a Perfect Day

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Original: End of a Perfect Day

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Original painting on pine board, 12", ready to hang [sides are stained brown], protective varnish, acrylics.

Everything is connected. I'm grateful I learned this-somehow-over the years. When I do something to Mother Earth, there is a circle that forms from my hand all the way around the universe, for each action. That's how I look at it. I sure have a lot to learn though and improve on in how I treat her, we all do. But...when the snow comes, I just feel like I am in a painting and it makes me feel part of earth, and when I look out and see a little bit of light emanating from the barn and old Matilda's long ears lit is a perfect ending to another day on the earth vessel.

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No duplicating, usage or tracing of this image. Copyright Katherine Dunn.