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  • Image of "White Dog" an illustrated memoir
  • Image of "White Dog" an illustrated memoir
  • Image of "White Dog" an illustrated memoir
  • Image of "White Dog" an illustrated memoir
  • Image of "White Dog" an illustrated memoir

"White Dog" an illustrated memoir


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This intimate hard cover book is 4.25 x 6" and at 228 pages is small but stout. It is fully illustrated and also includes a section of photographs of White Dog's world. The story is told by White Dog, along with the guidance of Crow and I am the translator.

A white dog appeared one day in our sheep field. In the ten plus years we had lived at our farm, no dog or large predator had ever breached our fences– that we were
aware of. He was very thin and worn, unkept, hungry and intact. And, he was a Maremma, the same breed as our livestock guardian dog that also lived on the farm
who had arrived as a pup about eight months earlier.

How he got there was, and is, a mystery, but it is a tale laced with magic and universal forces at work. Maremmas don’t just drop out of the sky, or do they?

I named him Benedetto which means blessed but we all have come to know him as White Dog.

Looking into White Dog’s eyes from the first time I met him, I knew there was a story only he could tell. I knew he left something to come to something else, for a reason.

It is a simple truth that all who meet him come to
believe, White Dog knows.

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I have included options so you can simply order a book or two [larger quantities just let me know], but also the $275 levels let you send extra money to support this indie publisher to get this little book out into the world. The book was printed like my other books with off set printing.