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  • Image of Fiorello the elephant
  • Image of Fiorello the elephant

Fiorello the elephant

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Fiorello was born into a Romanian traveling circus. Her mother was a prized performer and was known for her ability to soothe the restless. In every town, she cold quiet a crying baby or make a sour elder smile. She lived a long life but died, leaving Fiorella missing her greatly.

Fiorello was taken under the wing of the circus's costume designer, Paolo, and he and Fiorella became inseparable. She would stand for hours for him so he could drape and measure fabric on her body, to create giant gowns for the other elephants. They were like this for many years. But Paolo turned 95 and was having trouble with his vision and heart. On the day he died, they found a beautiful costume with golden wings, and a note:

"Dear Fiorello, my friend,
This costume will take you where you need to go. I know we will meet again. Your friend, always, Paolo."

Several days later, the circus found a note left by Fiorello:

"I have my wings now. Do not worry. I will travel until I find Paolo. Fondly, Fiorello."

Fiorella is made from felted wool, antique lace and recycled cotton. She is given structure with a natural wood base and sticks for legs. Her felted wings were graciously donated by a friend of Apifera and are vintage. Her cape is made of antique embroidered cotton made by Paolo himself. She is hand sewn.
Copyright Katherine Dunn. One of a kind.