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  • Image of Juanita an elderley rat
  • Image of Juanita an elderley rat
  • Image of Juanita an elderley rat

Juanita an elderley rat

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Juanita is over fifty which is well over 250 in human years. To survive this long is a miracle but she descended from Pedro VIII and Jaunita IX so her genes are prone to a long life. She has been widowed over twenty years.

Mouse marriages are often short due to, well, death. But she can remember each husband, the first being Pedro Luiz, and the last being a fellow named Franklin Simmons. Franklin adored Juanita, perhaps more than any of her other husbands. She once admitted to her sister that Franklin was the only husband she really loved. He was ten years younger, but found Juanita's knowledge of local history entertaining.

They met just as Autumn was beginning, and he presented her with a dried leaf because the flowers were all gone. It's been ten years since franklin died and she has never remarried. Ever September, she stands in tired leaves , clothes her eyes and says to the sky, "Franklin."

Juanita is made of recycled cotton scrap, dyed silks and felted wool. Her eyebrows are made of sheered fiber from Old Victor, on of the farm's old goats. She is held up by a natural wood base. She can have dried autumn leaves sprinkled at her feet each fall by her new owner. She is 14" high.