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  • Image of Elderly Rat
  • Image of Elderly Rat
  • Image of Elderly Rat
  • Image of Elderly Rat

Elderly Rat

Sold Out

He still gets up and walks, with crippled bent legs, as he is very old, a survivor as many rats are. He likes to wear his boxer shorts and shirt, and has one nice suit vest he still wears. He doesn't walk far, but always tries to look up at the stars, slowly, as his neck gives him problems now. He prefers night to day.

{Please note: I am working on the stand for this creature, so he will be able to stand on a wood shelf for you.}

He is made of natural roving, felt and cotton garments. His legs are wrapped sticks and needle felted. There is a bit of lavender bud in his head, from our old farm. He is about 10" tall.

He also is made of part love, a bit of stoic pessimism for living so long, and rat like ingenuity. One of kind.

His name is Rat.