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  • Image of Accessorizing Pig
  • Image of Accessorizing Pig

Accessorizing Pig


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8" x 8" x 0.625"
Model: Rosie the Pig of APifera

These are made with Maple Veneer with a low gloss Clear Matte coating and they have pre-drilled keyholes on the back that make them ready to hang. They have a dreamy, vintage feel to them, and sometimes even show hairline lines from print making them more vintage. The colors on the actual product are slightly more muted than you see on screen on the first image, again giving these a vintage look. Look at the last picture to see how they are slightly more muted. The panels are very well made and sturdy. There is no need for framing.

You can also take a damp cloth and dust if needed. Very scratch resistant.

I created these with the idea they look wonderful in groupings of three or more. If you want to order a grouping of 3 or more, select the option in the drop down menu, and then make sure you tell me which specific animal prints you want. Any questions